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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Black Jack's War on Moms

Yesterday, I wrote about Olivia Shelltrack, an unwed mother of three and her battle with the community of Black Jack, MO over housing. I reported that the Mayor, John McCourt had said, "It's what cities do to maintain the housing and to hold down overcrowding." He denied that it had anything to do with the morality of unwed motherhood. Black Jack law bars unmarried people with more than one child from housing.

Guess what? That's a load of horseshit. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has discovered a letter regarding a similar case in 1999.

'But in a November 1999 letter he wrote regarding a similar but unrelated case involving the unwed parents of triplets, McCourt makes specific comments about the city's "morals and standards."

'Black Jack officials and residents "do not believe that an unmarried couple having children residing in our community is an appropriate standard that they wish to approve," he wrote.

'"The easiest resolution to cure the situation would be for them to be married," McCourt later wrote of the couple, who challenged the rejection of their occupancy permit. The letter is addressed to the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri, which defended the couple in municipal court.

"I believe the City has acted appropriately in keeping with the law, consistent with our community's morals and standards, and that we will continue to enforce our ordinances to protect the interests of our community," McCourt wrote.
This is just another example of uptight idiots seeking to control women by punishing them for behaviors they don't like. These idiots would fit right in with the Taliban, where women are concerned - they agree on so much.

(Keywords: politics, Missouri, religious right, theocracy, people who'd steal milk from babies )

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