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Monday, April 03, 2006

Can We Get Someone to Slap these Idiots?

Journalist and freed hostage Jill Carroll is on the defensive. After appearing in a video that showed her being critical of the US, the reports, "Miss Carroll has been under sustained assault from some on the pro-war Right. Bloggers and hosts on the country's influential talk radio stations have attacked her for stating that she had not been threatened during her confinement.

"Others attacked her for wearing Muslim dress," The Telegraph continued, "And the news channel CNN carried an interview suggesting that she was suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome", in which victims begin to sympathise with their captors. One blogger called for Miss Carroll to be arrested for treason."

Carroll responded, "Fearing retribution from my captors, I did not speak freely. Out of fear, I said I had not been threatened. In fact I was threatened many times." Why should she have to explain herself at all? How stupid are these idiots? We're all familiar with the image of POWs in Vietnam confessing to 'war crimes'. No one took those 'confessions' seriously; they were obviously propoganda. Yet, here these morons are, criticizing someone who'd just spent weeks fearing for her life.

What kind of an ass would you have to be? And here's the thing - most of these people are the same ones who are complaining that journalists are reporting from hotel rooms and not going out and getting all that 'good news' in Iraq. Here's a woman who was out on the street, looking for stories, and they're not satisfied with that, either. Meanwhile, they fight the war from the safety of TV and radio studios, on rightwing blogs, and in print.

What freakin' hypochrisy.

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Ezwriter said...

Amen. But the Right doesn't really LIKE or TRUST the free press no matter WHAT it reports.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine? Here she is, being captured and fearing that she would be beheaded. She is released and her reputation is torn to shreds by these Neocon asses in the press and on the radio and Faux news. It's just amazing how little moral values these people have. They have no shame....nothing. Anything goes and especially if it is about a woman. i.e., Delay's remark about Hillary Clinton.