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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Herb Doesn't Cut it Anymore

(Keywords: politics, senate, Wisconsin, if Kohl wants to sit on his butt, let him do it on his own time )

Herb did it. He lost me. I waited and waited and waited for some sort of reaction to the Iraq War resolution or Feingold's call for censure or anything at all that really matters. Herb Kohl has been a serial backbencher on issues that matter and more of a republican than a democrat on many issues.

So I'm going with someone who wants to matter. Rae Vogeler has come out as a Green Party candidate for Kohl's seat. Rae's one of the architects of the antiwar landslide, so she's one hell of a lot more connected to the people of Wisconsin than Kohl has been. People have talked about the war, they've talked about censure or even impeachment, but Kohl has been nowhere near those issues. He voted for this war and he's defended it since. He's been nothing more than Joe Leiberman-lite.



proletariat said...

Why the Democratic Primary? Why not vote Green in September?

Wisco said...

I'm concerned about a republican majority. If we lose democrats to greens, it may not help us out as much as we'd like to think.

proletariat said...

How will voting in the Green primary instead of the Democratic one impact a republican majority.

Unless Tommy decides to enter at the last minute, this is a win, win, win. There really isn't even a Republican in the race this time around. Its Green vs Dem which means the worst evil will be Kohl.

How would having a Green in the Senate hurt us more than a Dem. Hopefully we will have a socialist from Vermont too. This hardly influences the outcome in a negative way.

Wisco said...

You're missing the details a little here. If Rae wins in the democratic primary, she counts as a dem, majority-wise, no matter what party she actually belongs to.

This way, win or lose, she's basically riskless. It actually gives her a leg up with people who are as concerned as I am about a GOP majority. They would otherwise be concerned that a vote for a third party would be a vote for republicans - an argument any Nader voter should be familiar with.

It's basically a parliamentary maneuver and a pretty damned smart one.

proletariat said...

Except she isn't running in the primary. If primaries worked so well we would not be having this conversation. Kohl actually has an opponent, Ben Masel, who of course you've not heard about.

So I am confused, do you or do you not support Rae Vogeler for Senate.?

Wisco said...

I have heard of Ben Masel, the reason no one else has is because a lot a people who have think he's a nut. I'm sorry, but marijuana laws are pretty low on my list of priorities. I'm more concerned about - oh, I don't know - mass death in Iraq, say...

Some people think that's a real problem.

It was misreported that Rae's running as a write in (or misunderstood by me). I still back her, but I'm going to have to wait until I figure out where I went wrong to set the record straight - plenty of time.

It was reported that Progressive Democrats of Wisconsin would endorse her as a write in - they may. I apologize for the mix-up.