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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Get Interesting Visitors

Should I be worried? I took a screenshot of this entry from site meter. I munged the IP - even spooks deserve some privacy.

The visit was referred by a comment on the Huffington Post that read:

That's smug frat boys for ya.

Just like the one in the White House...

-- - grumblings from the heartland
Can you imagine if some poor slob has to dig through the comments on lefty sites and follow every link?

Here's hoping they either had a good laugh or got good and pissed off...

(Keywords: politics, senate, sergeant at arms, domestic surveillance )


solitaire said...

I didn't even realize you could tell all that.
ANd here I thought I was anonymous when I clicked around the internet... but you can tell who I am and where I was before I hit your page, eh?
I imagine the WH is checking out as many blogs as they can this evening, see which way to spin it.

Wisco said...

I can only tell where someone came from - and then, only if you use a link. If you use a bookmark or type in the URL, I don't get the info.

The other info just tells where the server you're using is. Conceivably, a user could be anywhere in the world.