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Sunday, April 09, 2006

News Flash: G.W. Bush not a Military Genius

Think Progress has a story about Seymour Hersh's appearance on CNN this morning (see Dr. Stranglove: The Sequel for background). He argues that military leaders may be getting fed up with the administration and congressional hawks when it comes to Iran.

"What I’m writing here is that if this [plan to use nukes] isn’t removed — and I say this very seriously, I’ve been around this town for 40 years — some senior officers are prepared to resign. They’re that upset about the fact that this plan is kept in," Think Progress reports Hersh as saying, "[O]ne thing about our military, they’re very loyal to the president, but they’re getting to the edge. They’re getting to the edge with not only Rumsfeld, but with Cheney and the President."

"Hersh also addressed claims today by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw that the idea of a nuclear strike on Iran is 'completely nuts,'" the article continues, "Hersh’s response: 'He didn’t deny there’s serious planning about the military strike, is the point. He’s absolutely right about a nuclear option, but there is planning for conventional war.'"

Is the administration committed to the principle of making the same damned stupid mistakes over and over? At this point, I half-expect someone to start talking about Niger and yellowcake. The war in Iraq is going very badly and here the administration wants to do the whole damned fiasco over again, without ending the mess they've gotten us into now.

Man, if all this weren't so deadly serious, it'd be hilarious. Talk about slow learners. "We'll keep saying 2+2=5 until it's right." It doesn't work that way, guys.

Can someone get these morons a tutor?

Video here.

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