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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why are Dems Cautious?

Because they don't see a lot of wiggle room.

Democrats have a lead in all polls for the 2006 elections, so most people think they're just being wussy - picking fights they know they can win and leaving bold moves like Feingold's censure resolution alone.

But the reason for the caution is clear - despite a lead in every poll, the number of undecideds average somewhere in the neighborhood of 10%; enough to swing the difference. And 50% in March doesn't mean 50% in November. It's not like these voters have signed a contract and are committed to their vote.

Right now, the democrats have a lead they've done absolutely nothing to earn. "Republicans Suck" might be a good way to get elected, but it's not leadership and it's not a strategy for good governance. People aren't supporting democrats so much as abandoning republicans. If democrats want to go anywhere with these numbers, they'll need to lead.

And that means taking a stand on issues of consequence.

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