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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wisconsin Votes for Peace

Turns out I don't have to work out all the math, Wisconsin Network
for Peace and Justice
has run the finals for me. Check their website for a breakdown by community.

The total votes to withdraw troops from Iraq was 40043, 61% of the vote. Against were 25641 or 39% of the vote. Out of 31 communities, 7 voted for continued presence in Iraq, with 24 going for peace.

In an additional slap in the face for the pro-war crowd, Evansville had competing referenda - one for withdrawal and one in support of the president and 'staying the course' (there's a course?). This measure went down 51% to 49% against the president.

61% of Wisconsin voters have spoken - this is landslide territory. We'll see in November who's listening.

(Keywords: politics, referendum, Iraq, pro-war, peace, cut and run )