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Friday, May 12, 2006

29% Approve, 60% are Annoyed

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George W. Bush is now polling at 29%, the Wall Street Journal reports. In a Harris poll, only 29% answered the question, "How would you rate the overall job President George W. Bush is doing as president -- excellent, pretty good, only fair, or poor?" with 'excellent' or 'pretty good'.

I haven't really talked about polling and approval ratings, since the margin of error for these polls has been +/- 3 points. So you could argue that the difference between 32% and 29% really represents no change.

But as poll after poll shows lower and lower numbers, it's getting pretty hard to argue that the trend isn't downward. The almost daily scandals are hurting the president, as leader of his party. Speaking of his party, they ain't doing all that hot either. A CBS/New York Times poll shows that only 33% say they want republicans to control congress. Democrats hold an eleven point lead.

I kind of wonder who that last 29% is. Obviously, they're religious nutjobs and crazies who listen to Rush Limbaugh. I think the rest of them are people with massive head injuries. Maybe Cheney shot that guy in the face because he was trying to increase their base. If someone shows up at the polls with an axe in their head, you'll know who they're voting for.

Bush's disapproval is 71%. So let's head over to to unscientifically find out how many people actually think he's annoying (you have to vote to find out).

At this time, only 59.96% think Bush is annoying. Call it 60%. So maybe there's hope.