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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Boeing: Building a Better War

(Keywords: , , , , are bravely finding new ways to kill you)

Boeing has announced the development of a shiny new bomb, Associated Press reports:

The small-diameter bombs weigh 250 pounds and can be used by all Air Force bombers, according to Boeing. By using the smaller bombs, planes can carry about four times as many bombs and fire them from farther away. A B-2 Stealth bomber can carry as many as 80 of the small-diameter bombs.

The bombs also will help limit civilian casualties during airstrikes in urban areas, Air Force Col. Richard Justice said at an unveiling ceremony. Boeing said its own tests show the bombs hit within 4 feet of their target.

This is a bomb designed for so-called 'urban combat'. See, wars used to be fought at a decent distance from us peaceful folk - not anymore. Look at any recent conflict, they didn't happen in cornfields, they happened in cities. Iraq is fought with city buses rolling past. Jenin, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc., all happened within earshot of some baby's bedroom. Sometimes, these conflicts literally happen in some baby's bedroom.

Boeing might spend all it's considerable R&D cash trying to build a better world by reinforcing democracy and eliminating poverty. Maybe doing crazy stuff like coming up with new resources, so we don't have to kill each other over the dwindling resources in the world. But that'd involve long term thinking.

Corporations aren't in the long term thinking business - they're in the quarter period thinking business. They only consider the future three months in advance. With such a narrow definition of what the word 'future' means, is it any wonder that the best idea they can come up with is a better way to kill people?