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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

FEMA Blows Off New Orleans

(Keywords: politics, hurricane Katrina, President Bush, people who never tell the truth )

A quote from President Bush on the White House website, dated April 27 and titled 'President Visits Damaged Home in New Orleans, Louisiana':

"I had a good visit with the Governor and the Mayor, as well. One of the things that we're working on is to make sure that we've learned the lessons from Katrina -- we've learned lessons at the federal level and state level and the local level. And we're now working closely together in preparation of the upcoming hurricane season. Secretary Chertoff was down here working with the Governor just to make sure that communications are clear, that equipment will be pre-positioned, and that the communications system, which failed last time, will be up and running should there be another catastrophic storm."

Now the reality:

Yesterday’s report that FEMA is closing its long range planning office in New Orleans should not come as a surprise to anyone. FEMA neglected New Orleans before, during and after the storm. As the city continues to struggle post-Katrina, the agency that can provide the most assistance is leaving. FEMA is charged with helping New Orleans prepare a recovery blueprint to rebuild neighborhoods, schools and homes. Incredibly, in the midst of the most massive recovery undertaking in the history of this country, FEMA is abandoning a city that remains flat on its back. (

It's always one hundred and eighty degrees away from the truth, isn't it? Last week they were 'working closely together' with state and local officials 'in preparation of the upcoming hurricane season', today they're leaving New Orleans to fend for herself.

I keep saying it because it keeps being proven, but the big surprise is how unsurprising this is. If Bush told me the sky is blue, I'd go out and check.