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Monday, June 19, 2006

Bill O'Reilly says he'd Like to be Hitler-lite

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I haven't written much about Bill O'Reilly lately, I figure the guy's a mental lightweight and pretty much just a punk, so why waste the time? Everyone - well, almost everyone - knows he's a laughable blowhard, so he's more of a running gag than a serious figure on the right. But this, from Calling All Wingnuts, is just to beautiful to pass up - from Bill's 6/19/06 Radio Factor:

Now to me, they’re not fighting it [the Iraq war] hard enough. See, if I’m president, I got probably another 50-60 thousand with orders to shoot on sight anybody violating curfews. Shoot them on sight. That’s me… President O’Reilly… Curfew in Ramadi, seven o’clock at night. You’re on the street? You’re dead. I shoot you right between the eyes. Ok? That’s how I run that country. Just like Saddam ran it. Saddam didn’t have explosions - he didn’t have bombers. Did he? Because if you got out of line, you’re dead.

Now… is that the kind of country I want to have for Iraq? No… But you have to have that for a few months to stabilize the situation so the Iraqi government can get organized, can get security in place and can get the structure going.

Geez, ain't it priceless? It gets better. Here's Bill on Saddam, 8/16/05:

O'REILLY: Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator. He was Hitler-light. He and his sons slaughtered hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. There was no freedom in Iraq. And the guy financed terrorism -- worldwide terrorism -- all day, every day. He allowed Ansar Al-Islam, an Al Qaeda affiliate, to exist in northern Iraq. He financed Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad. He paid the families of suicide bombers to kill children. He was an evil tyrant who made the world a far worse place because he lived. We removed him, and that was a good thing. You with me so far? OK. Freedom is good.

Of course, Saddam didn't allow Ansar Al-Islam to operate in northern Iraq. We controlled northern Iraq, not Hussein - it was the northern no-fly zone. If anyone 'allowed' Ansar Al-Islam to exist in Iraq, it was the United States. But the truth has never held Bill back.

The hypocrisy is pretty funny, though. Apparently, we're supposed to believe two contradicting things without having our heads explode; that Hussein was an 'evil dictator', 'Hitler-lite', and an 'evil tyrant who made the world a far worse place because he lived.' At the same time, we're supposed to believe that someone who ran Iraq just like Hussein would be a good thing.

I think I've got O'Reilly figured out - he's a freakin' fruitloop.



Anonymous said...

You are nothing but another Huffpost scab who can't find an audience without hopping on the backs of others.

Enjoy your free advertising for the moment scab.

BTW, I looked over your selection of articles that you chose to post. They suck as much as you do. Not all is doom and gloom as you leftest fucks would like to make it out to be.

The world is a complex place yet the assholes who claim the positions of the left can't for the lives of them figure out why shit happens. It's almost as if you have and inability to understand more than one concept at at time.

That's okay, greater minds than you are pushing the buttons and managing the levers. You are only along for the ride.

Keep progressing Dull Bitch, maybe you'll amount to something after all.

Wisco said...

Don't be so thin-skinned, Bill.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, NewsBlog 5000 said...

I think anonymous has a point. It is irresponsible to hold people accountable for what they say.

But I am curious. Is a Huffpost scab something like a Hollaback Girl?

Wisco said...

Anon's referring to Ariana Huffington's blog/online newspaper The Huffington Post. The comments to news stories are a sort of open forum and comment there with links occassionally.

Readers can vote on the comments they like best and I've been voted most popular a few times - that's what anon means by 'free advertising'.

But you're right, it was completely irresponsible for me to quote O'Reilly verbatim and in context. If a rightwing blowhard tells you to believe one thing one day, then the complete opposite the next, it's your duty as a good american to perform the required mental and moral gymnastics it would take to get in line.

I'm not sufficiently brainwashed and, for that, I apologize. In my defense, I blame govt. bureaucracy - I got my little tax cut, but I never got the govt. issue hypno-coin.