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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bush is the Worst in 61 Years

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According to a Quinnipac University poll, George W. Bush is the worst president in sixty-one years, in the opinions of voters.

June 1, 2006 - Bush Tops List As U.S. Voters Name Worst President, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Reagan, Clinton Top List As Best In 61 Years
Strong Democratic sentiment pushes President George W. Bush to the top of the list when American voters pick the worst U.S. President in the last 61 years. Bush is named by 34 percent of voters, followed by Richard Nixon at 17 percent and Bill Clinton at 16 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Leading the list for best President since 1945 is Ronald Reagan with 28 percent, and Clinton with 25 percent.

President Bush is ranked worst by 56 percent of Democrats, 35 percent of independent voters and 7 percent of Republicans, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Best ranking for Reagan comes from 56 percent of Republicans, 7 percent of Democrats and 25 percent of independent voters. Among American voters 18 - 29 years old, Clinton leads the "best" list with 40 percent.

Among young voters, 42 percent list Bush as worst. Clinton tops the "worst" list among white Protestants - 24 percent, and white evangelical Christians - 29 percent.

It's funny that Clinton leads the list with white protestants and white evangelicals. It's the BJ thing. Apparently, it's worse to have an affair than to lie your way into a war that's killed over two thousand four hundred US military personnel and tens of thousands of iraqis. And, no matter how you view the way the Kosovar conflict was handled by Clinton (poorly, I believe), you can't argue that it resulted in zero US combat deaths.

Bush and company have talked about the insurgents in Iraq being 'dead-enders' . The next time you hear that phrase, add 'just like the people who still support the president' to the end of the statement. There are people out there who, either being extremely stupid or blinded by ideology, will always support Bush - what he actually does is irrelevant. Bush could tear the head off an old woman and CNN would be able to find some talking head from the Heritage Foundation or Christian Coalition to come on Wolf Blitzer's show and argue that tearing the heads off old women makes us safer as a nation.

If he hasn't lost these people by now, he never will. It's very disturbing to know that roughly one third of american voters are so pigheaded that reality isn't a factor in their opinions - or their votes.