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Sunday, July 16, 2006

36% Approve, 63% are Annoyed

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The latest polling from FOX/Opinion Dynamics show Bush in continued decline. FOX's last poll, over 6/27-28, showed approves at 41% and disapproves at 50%. Polling over 7/11-12 shows 36% approve and 43% percent disapprove. That's a 5% drop in approval in about half a month from a friendly pollster. Ouch.

Once again, let's go to for an unscientific view at how annoying people think President George is.

For 2006, as of last week, Out of 15581 Votes: 63.65% Annoying

So there's your POTUS polling update; 36% approve, 43% disapprove, and 63.65% are annoyed.