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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fun with Crazy People

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Fun post over at Wizbang. It's kind of funny to take a trip through a rightwing robot's mind - the self-delusion, self-pity, and self-importance is pure self-parody. These people wonder why folks think they're nuts when they put up posts like this, aptly titled Smokey's July Fourth Rant:

The time is far past for conservatives to stand up and SCREAM that we are not going to take it any more. For YEARS, the far left liberals of this country have shoved abortion, homosexuality, and more down our throats in an attempt to promote "tolerance" when in fact they want to make these things "normal" so that they can not be removed, yet at the same time they are trying to totally eradicate all vestiges of morality and religion from society, starting with Christianity (well, except for pedophile priests, who I'm pretty sure the aclu(natics) want in power so they will have an easier time fighting the Church as a whole). Well, I am officially going on record that I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE! Most of you know that I am currently in school with plans to attend law school after my undergrad work. Well, guess what, once I graduate law school, I plan to counter-sue EACH AND EVERY PERSON who sues because a cross offends them, or a prayer "violates their rights", or because a private, CHURCH RUN school won't let their homosexual kids attend (I'll get to that later in this post, I promise). I have linked to this post MANY TIMES, and I feel I will have to keep doing it for a long time to come, because some people think that when they say you must "tolerate" something, that means you can no longer point out that you don't agree with it, yet that is NOT what it means. Read the post and you'll see where I am coming from. All of this said, I'm going to point out a few things I saw in the news today and see what you all think about them.

I'm a little lost on when it was that the lunatic right stopped screaming. As far as I've been able to observe, the only time they knock it off is to take a breath. But see what I mean? This guy's screaming that the right isn't screaming. What fun.

And we're trying to shove gay marriage, abortion, and 'more' down their throats? I'm sorry, who's demanding that they get married to gays and have abortions? If anyone's jamming anything down anyone's throat, they're jamming their religion down ours. If there's a blank square foot on a wall someplace, they want to paste the Ten Commandments there - hell, not only do they think they should, they think they have a right to. They want us to teach their religious beliefs and creation stories in schools. They want to force everyone to support their religion, indoctrinate our kids in it, and write their religious commandments into law, but when we complain, it's their religious freedom that's being suppressed. If we don't do it, shut up about it, and pay for it, we're being intolerant and probably hate America. Why we should be tolerant of an American Taliban is beyond me, but that's the way they want to play it.

The fun continues:

First, some good news, sort of. It seems a "pre-teen magazine" has come under fire for actually showing the Army as something other than what the moon-bat left wants to see (murders). Cobblestone Magazine, which is aimed at pre-teens, recently published an issue detailing many different jobs available in the U.S. Army, and has drawn complaints from teachers and parents (mostly, from what I read, in Mass, bit shock there). This is just another example of how it is perfectly OK to call our soldiers murderers or worse on NATIONAL TELEVISION, demand that the President be impeached for deposing TWO murderous governments, but not OK to show that the Army is not just about guns any more, and show that there are MANY opportunities today. I'm sorry folks but this is hypocrisy at it's highest.

This kid's going to law school? Who wants to impeach Bush for "deposing TWO murderous governments"? This guy hasn't been paying attention. It's weird that the idea that people might be a little pissed off that the Army's courting twelve year olds is completely foreign to this guy. And how is this hypocrisy - does this guy even know what the word means?

Skipping ahead, he goes into total crazytown, digging up the corpse of Terri Schiavo to wave around like a flag.

Remember Terri Shiavo? Well, it seems that a nurse who testified that her "husband" was TRYING to kill her is having to fight for her license to remain a nurse. You heard me right, Carla Sauer Iyer is having to go to court to keep her license because she simply stated what was already public record on CNN. What did she say that was so horrible?

he said that she found needle marks on Terri's body and her blood sugar was so low it wouldn't register on a glucometer - Evidence that her "husband" may have tried to kill her by insulin O/D.

'She said that she heard Terri say "pain" and "mommy help me", as well as that there were hours of video tape of her interacting with people that were placed under a gag order - Does this sound like a woman in a "persistent vegitative state" to you, or does it sound more plausible that michael had her killed for the money?'

No. It's sounds like a nutjob conspiracy theory that has been shot down, not only in court, but by Schiavo's autopsy. According to Media Matters, Judge Greer threw the nurse's affidavit out, writing in his decision, "The remaining affidavits deal exclusively with events which allegedly occurred in the 1995-1997 time frame. The court feels constrained to discuss them. They are incredible to say the least. Ms. Iyer details what amounts to a 15-month cover-up which would include the staff of Palm Garden of Lago Convalescent Center, the Guardian of the Person, the Guardian ad Litem, the medical professionals, the police and, believe it or not, Mr. and Mrs. Schindler. Her affidavit clearly states that she would "call them (Mr. and Mrs. Schindler) anyway because I thought they should know about their daughter." The affidavit of Ms. Law speaks of Terri responding on a constant basis. Neither in the testimony nor in the medical records is there support for these affidavits as they purport to detail activities and responses of Terri Schiavo. It is impossible to believe that Mr. and Mrs. Schindler would not have subpoenaed Ms. Iyer for the January 2000 evidentiary hearing had she contacted them as her affidavit alleges."

The short version - Iyer was lying her ass off. When Greer writes that he finds the claims 'incredible', he means it in the literal sense - they are not credible.

If this is the right's idea of a patriotic call to action, by all means, keep it up guys. Screaming, whining, crying, and lying is just going to show everyone just how crazy you all are.



BenMerc said...

I am convinced at this point in time they are all mentally ill. The scary part is that their rhetoric and behavior has become accepted as "normal" in a general sense of main stream society and it's current cultural norms. This is nothing less then industrial society on the verge of crisis, and or collapse. It speaks volumes of our society that this is the bunch that has risen to the top during our time of need for exceptional character and leadership.

Anonymous said...

Um, this sign is fake. Did you notice the under the church name?

Wisco said...

A fake? Wow! You'd think I would've figured that out when I made it...

Richard said...

There was an article a month or two back on reddit about a longitudinal study of political attitudes from childhood on. Basically, they tracked children all the way up to adulthood then correlated personality traits in early childhood with political affinity in adulthood. Apparently, right-wingers are all fussy whiners who appeal to authority whenever something doesn't go their way.

Wisco said...

I remember reading that, too. A canadian study, I think - or at least, it was a canadian publication that reported it.

Makes sense if you think about it. It's the whiny kids who rely on authority to protect them - a sort of tattle-tale survival strategy.

There's no reason to think that that strategy wouldn't carry into adulthood with an extremely narrow view of right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wrong thinking is wrong thinking. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Calathumpian (just kidding!), no matter what. They all believe in a mythical 'God', teach their kids to believe in something that doesn't exist, and then try to jam it down the throats of people with the brains to figure out that it is all total rubbish. Whenever one of these sickos approaches me, I always challenge them to tell me when they ever met 'God', who else has ever met 'God', and to show me anything that 'God' wrote. The bible was written by a bunch of uneducated fishermen and sheep herders many years after their 'Jesus' died (if he ever existed). Then the adherants rewrote bits they didn't like to suit their political aims. Religion is for the sheep of the world. Baaaaa!