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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Candidate on Muslim Profiling, 'If he comes in wearing a turban and his name is Mohammed, that's a good start'

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When it rains, it pours - more rightwing stupidity about muslims. A republican running for Rep. Mark Green's seat, Wisconsin's Third congressional District, told an interviewer that he thinks racial profiling of male muslims is a 'no nonsense' security measure for air travel.

"Racial profiling is one way that we can cut down on security risks," Paul R. Nelson said, "Remember, the twenty-four bombers that they had put -- the potential bombers that they arrested last week in Britain were british citizens.

"These folks are amongst us, in some cases, and to draw a - stop being politically correct here and and be serious and tough on the war on terror." When asked how you could tell what a muslim male looks like, Nelson was ready with a pause you could drive a truck through. You really have to hear it (MP3) to do it justice.

"Well, you know, if he comes in wearing a turban and his name is Mohammed," he said, "that's a good start." Brilliant! All muslims wear turbans - look at video from Iraq on CNN. The place is lousy with them.

Hell, think about all the muslims you see in the news. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Turban. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani? Turban. Maliki? Turban. Dave Chapelle? Turban. Mohammed Ali? Big freakin' turban and named Mohammed! Clearly, this plan is foolproof.

"Of course, no plan is going to be foolproof," Nelson said after being told that at least two would-be bombers in the UK terror plot were native brits, "But the point is, strictly doing random searches - where it's just a catch all - is not effective, is not a very effective use of law enforcement personnel."

So, did the UK use racial profiling to break this plot? Um, no. Despite this obvious handicap, british law enforcement seemed be very effective.



Anonymous said...

Speaking of stupidity, Mark Green isn't in the Third District. Try again. As far as the turban thing, Nelson is obviously being facetious. There is no sure-fire way to target any group, but there are certain characteristics that can give you a good idea. I don't know how to make it work, but I think it's a good idea. It is definitly better than ignoring security risks such as the incumbent (that's Ron Kind by the way). Think about it and actually do some research.

Wisco said...

You're right. He's running for Ron Kind's seat. Not sure how I made the mistake, since the story I got the info from says that.

As far as mine and Kind's 'stupidity' goes, how smart is it to think that 'muslim' is a race and you can tell one just by looking at them?

The reason that Nelson didn't have a good answer to the question is because there isn't one. Israel's El Al airlines don't practice racial profiling because doing so would provide cover from non-stereotypical muslims. They observe passengers and investigate them based on behavior. As a result, El Al doesn't have any problems.

There are 1.6 billion muslims in the world. They're arab, white, black, asian, pacific islanders, etc.

Nelson's plan is as stupid and uninformed as it is unworkable.

Thanks for the correction, though.

vince said...

No one said Muslim was a race, besides that's obviously not the point.
Wake up! Profiling is done by the cops every single day. All it is is a set of statistics used to narrow down the field of potential perpetrators.
I wish this guy was running in my district, not only would I vote for him, but I'd campaign for him.
By the way, what's your genius leftwing plan - surrender? Cut and Run? Appeasment? Ask Neville Chamberlain how good that works...

Calm_cool_collected said...
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Calm_cool_collected said...
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Calm_cool_collected said...

Wow, what a stupid thing to say. Anyway, as a visible Muslim woman, I can say that most Muslims who "look Muslim" (i.e. wear Hijabs, have brown skin and beards) have long known about and dealt with profiling. Yes, it is humiliating to be the subject of "random" searches only because you look different. And yes it is unconstitutional. But given the climate of fear, almost all Muslims have allowed themselves to be subjected to it. Racial profiling already happens and Muslims have learned to deal with it even as we know that it is wrong for any community to be singled out, whether it is African-Americans or us.

Interestingly, none of the 9/11 killers wore turbans....

Wisco said...


Why do you let people kick you in the head? It's not good for your brain.

How do you profile a muslim? Can you tell by looking who's a baptist?

Besides, profiling leads to racism. Check out this link:

Belfast Telegraph

Now, what was accomplished here? If that's the society you want to live in, go someplace else and set one up, because it sure as shit wouldn't be America anymore.

If we throw out every protection of liberty and justice and fairness, then we've got jackshit to protect anyway.

You cowards on the right may not be willing to save the US and freedom, but you're sure quick to throw every american value out the window if you think there's a slim chance it'll save your sorry asses.

Sara said...

I must agree with Vince. The FBI has a profile that they use for almost every type of crime committed.

I don't believe that all Muslims are terrorists, but unfortunatly most terrorists are Muslim extremists.

Nelson's plan may not be the best plan, but he is definitly on the right track.