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Friday, September 15, 2006

Pro-Lifer Drives his Saturn into a Clinic that DOESN'T Provide Abortions

Anti-abortion nuts really need to work on attracting a better class of terrorist these days. Detroit Free Press reports on one man's kamikaze raid on a women's health clinic in Davenport, Iowa:

Based on what he told police, David McMenemy's plan to destroy an abortion clinic worked out much differently in his head from what played out Monday in Davenport, Iowa.

McMenemy, 45, most recently of Rochester Hills admitted dousing the interior of his silver 2004 Saturn with gasoline he had in a Gatorade bottle and plunging the vehicle into a women's health clinic early that morning. And he told police he planned to die in the ensuing fire.

But the clinic whose lobby the native Detroiter drove into -- the Edgerton Women's Health Center -- doesn't perform abortions or even provide referrals for them. And the impact wasn't enough to cause a fire, so McMenemy had to pour more gas on the car.

And once it was ablaze, he scratched his plan to kill himself when he realized it was going to be painful.

No one was injured.

There's some question as to whether McMenemy was acting alone or whether he was put up to it. "Is he just a fruitcake, or is he better connected?" DFP reported Scott County Prosecutor William Davis as asking. "We don't know. We're hoping to get better information on him."

Why does one exclude the other? Can't he be a 'better connected' fruitcake?

Damage to the building is estimated at $200,000. McMenemy is obviously a lunatic -- why does the 'pro-life' movement attract so many violent nutjobs? Probably because the leadership is insane as well. Here's the founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry:

I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good ... if a Christian voted for Clinton, he sinned against God. It's that simple. Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a biblical duty, we are called by God to conquer this country...

Yeah, it says all that in the Bible; hate is good, christians have to conquer the United States, and it's a sin to vote for Bill Clinton. It's probably in Leviticus or something.

Seriously, there's something wrong with these people's heads.


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abe said...


I understand how you feel, considering the kind of comments coming from Randall Terry. However, I don't think you can just say that all Christians think the same way as him. I don't think we should preach a message of hate. Overall, the Christian view of birth is this: We are all destined to be born by God. I know it might seem a simplistic view, but basically it means that God has a reason why he does what he does, and we should respect that as his creation. I guess it takes a certain level of pre-belief in God to accept that. But that discussion goes more into whether or not the belief in God is rational, which is a whole other can of worms.

Rzâë said...

Hmm... this brings out the other argument of moderation vs extremism.

See, the moderate christians aren't doing a very good job at convincing us "unwashed heathens" that christianity isn't ALL about forcing the endtimes/bringing about the rapture/converting unbelievers to the One True God.
(meh, what happened to believers going out and helping ppl WITHOUT attaching a condition[convert-or-else])

Same with islam =P

In any case, pro lifer attempting to kill people in order to prevent lives being killed sounds a lot like a "freedom fighter" wot?

If you kill a man that you(and only you) know would kill millions tomorrow, does that make you a murderer or a hero? Is that even morally sound judgement?

Little Dixie said...

David McMenemy is a terrorist. His actions were based on his religious beliefs. He planned to cause harm and perhaps death to people opposed to his viewpoint. He intended to kill himself as a result of his actions.

Why isn't US Atty General Abu Gonzalez holding a press conference to tell the MSM that through the actions of dedicated government officials, another terrorist cell has been broken up?

The concensus from your report is that he is a little crazy. Anyone who wants to kill themself for any reason or justification is a little crazy (and that includes "real terrrrists".)

He's a damn terrorist and his sorry ass should be shipped off to Gitmo for serious "interrogation" by intelligence officers.