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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Best Way to Fight Terrorism Might be to Impeach Bush

Paul Weyrich has a piece at the Free Congress Foundation in which he basically admits that the polls are right -- a lot of Republicans are going to stay home on election day.

It's not especially insightful, but one paragraph did jump out at me:

Here are two matters for consideration. If Democrats win, the incoming Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Representative John Conyers (D-MI), has said he wants to impeach both President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney. I have my differences with President Bush but do we really want our President dragged through an impeachment process in front of the world when we have a worldwide enemy, Islamofascists, whose devotion is to death? Will the impeachment of our President help us defeat this deadly enemy?

Um, yeah, it will.

You only have to accept the colossal incompetence of the current administration to come to that conclusion. Almost every decision this president makes spurs on terrorists. Think that allowing torture's making us any friends? How about blowing the living crap out of Iraq -- for pretty much no good reason? How about a bullying foreign policy -- does that win us any allies? It's hard to figure how having two completely insane executives is helpful in fighting terrorism.

Would Bush/Cheney be impeached? If there's any kind of investigation at all, it's hard to see how they wouldn't be. There's just too much in this White House that's obviously criminal. If lying us into a war isn't enough, there's corruption in the form of Jack Abramoff. If that's not enough, there's election fraud. Still not enough? Katrina. And don't forget the massive incompetence that led to 9/11. This administration's record is one of lies, fraud, and disaster. How could removing them not help us fight terrorism?

To fight terrorism, we need to address the root causes of terrorism. And one of those causes is that the US acts like a dick. Does anyone really believe that Bush or Cheney will decide to stop being jerks any time soon?

I've come up with a term to describe the Bush/Cheney brand of conservatism -- Hardass About Everything. I actually came up with that a few years ago to describe talk radio programmed robots on online forums. For them, there is no problem that can't be solved by being a bigger jerk than you are now. If Iraqis are unhappy that we're killing them, for example, the HAE solution is to kill more of them. Punishment solves every problem and the military is the only arm of government worth a damn.

Bush is often accused of being power mad. That's not actually true -- he just doesn't know any better. Bush and company just have about the worst case of HAE in american history. It's an extremely limiting mindset. Punishment is the only tool in their toolbox. That's why they came up with torture as an american policy -- they are unable to see any alternative. They fail to see that the way to end their 'war on terror' is to stop making terrorists. And the reason they fail to see this is because that would mean they'd have to stop being dicks. In the mind of an HAE sufferer, this is unacceptable.

So removing the president and vice president from office would help the war on terror immeasurably. Having a couple of inflexible jerks in office is helpful in what way? Why is it surprising to learn that being an ass earns you enemies? This became obvious last year, according to the State Dept.

Washington Post:

The number of serious international terrorist incidents more than tripled last year, according to U.S. government figures, a sharp upswing in deadly attacks that the State Department has decided not to make public in its annual report on terrorism due to Congress this week.

Overall, the number of what the U.S. government considers "significant" attacks grew to about 655 last year, up from the record of around 175 in 2003, according to congressional aides who were briefed on statistics covering incidents including the bloody school seizure in Russia and violence related to the disputed Indian territory of Kashmir.

Terrorist incidents in Iraq also dramatically increased, from 22 attacks to 198, or nine times the previous year's total -- a sensitive subset of the tally, given the Bush administration's assertion that the situation there had stabilized significantly after the U.S. handover of political authority to an interim Iraqi government last summer.

In what insane version of reality does increased terrorism constitute success in fighting terrorism? All the evidence shows that the Bush administration sucks at this stuff. How on Earth can you argue that removing people who are doing a lousy job wouldn't be helpful?

There may be good reasons why impeachment wouldn't be a good idea -- although, frankly, I can't think of one. But the argument that it would hurt the fight against terrorism isn't one of them.


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Anonymous said...

President Hastert?

Anonymous said...

Uh, in the scenario where Bush/Cheney get impeached, the Dems are in control so Hastert's not speaker any more.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic couple of paragraphs.

Thank you.

Nigel said...

Great post. Thanks for getting this out there. Found on reddit.

Dan said...

Such nonsense...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So stupid you are.

The US 'makes terrorists'?

Get a grip on reality. You think if Bush/Cheney go away that terrorism will magically stop?

Terrorists were around a long time before B/C, and will be around a long time after.

Root causes? Try militant Islam for starters.

Ian C. said...

Hi, People:

I'm an first generation immigrant in Canada. So, to be honest, I'm not really familiar with US's stuff.

But, I do know that, as a travaler/tourist, I've seen some very, very, very jerky US customs who either talk shit to threaten you, or treat you like an idiot in Kinergarden.

Appearantly, I'm not the only one; almost 90% of the local Canadians I've talked to all agree with my about the jerky, rude, and dis-respectful attitude of US Customs.

People got picked on and had unnecessary troubles while they pass the boarders, especially if they are middle east- oriented.

That's not very good for U.S.'s national image. Not even one bit.

Most of the time, when we talked about our trip to the U.S., we almost always agrees that the locals are fairly friendly, but the customs are always jerky, and they look down at us, because they know we don't want any troubles.

How should I put it... Yeah, your article about the Bush's office resonates greatly with our experience with the U.S. customs.

If this do keeps up, it's not hard to see that U.S. will be left with no allies, at least not with most of the Canadians.

For one more example, when in Europe, most Americans like to put Canadian flags on their back packs because they know they aren't always welcomed in foreign countries.

Why are those official americans so cocky and jerky? What good does it do to be rude and bulling people all the time?

Thanks for your time and patience

Sincerely, Ian C.

Anonymous said...

The biggest thing encouraging terrorism is people like you, who give them hope that our will to fight is being sapped.

You suggest that the US are being dicks. We're not the ones targeting civilians. We're not the ones who started this. By suggesting that we're the reason they hate us, you are defacto siding with them by buying into their justifications and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

And why is militant Islam attractive to people in muslim countries? Why are they gaining converts? Could it be that when we attack muslim countries, people there start to think that all that militant rhetoric about modern crusades is right?

Ian C. said...

To the person who's above me:

I don't agree with you.

The author's point is "The U.S. has got to stop bullying others first, or people who got pushed around by U.S. will start to resist in their own(extreme)ways".

Plus, did you know a lot of the "Terrorists" actually went to Universites in United States for education?

In a way, yes, U.S. does makes terrorists.

If you want people being nice to you, you gotta be nice to them first. If you bullying around people with forces, they'll come back and bullying you, too.

It's called Karma.

Plus, Not all the terrorists are Islamic. A lot of them are also Communists, Neo Nazis...etc.

You can't just said it's all Islamic's fault or they STARTED it simply because they are in the front page today. Also, if you ever study world history in high school, you'd know that Islamic people were being bullied/slaughtored by Jews, Christien, and other religions. In your theory, they are just "Fighting BACK to protect themselves".

Maybe you also didn't know that Bush's family were a very close family friend and heavy business partner with the Osama family. Or, perhaps you didn't know U.S. had surrported Sadam Husan with many high tech weapons' support back in the last century?

Or maybe you didn't know that U.S. soildars actually shot innocent civilians in execution-style at Iraq and other places?

This war... This war on Terror, is merely a political show that's pulled by the office in power.

The standards will change from time to time, today's friends will become tomorrow's enemies, so are the values that we hold so dear of.

If you search around the web, you'll find a lot of stories shared by ex-militaries and insiders.

The real question is: Are you willing to put down your difference and ACTUALLY LISTEN to what other people have to SAY?

Here's a link I found through that might give you some ideas.

"Mind Fuck"

For movie, try "Fahrenheit 9/11" by Michael Moore.

Even Video Games, I suggest you try the "Metal Gear Solid" Series, especially "Metal gear Solid 3: Subsistance".

Those medias should give you a basic idea about the thoughts of a veteran, the interesting facts behind the war that's called up by the Bush Administraion, and finally, some food for thoughts.

I've showed you different opinions, it's up to you to check them out or not.

But, please, at least try to think it through before you show your support to anyone.

Oh, I also hope you are not one of those arrogant people who supported trashing the CD's of "Dixie Chicks", who expressed their "FREEDOM OF SPEECH".

Sincerely, Ian C.

P.S. I'm just passing by here when I read news through

If you think I'm wrong in anyway, or if you want to dicuss with me about anything, welcome to send me an e-mail.

Have a nice day.

Ian C. said...

Sorry, my 2nd post are actually meant for:

Quote line---------------------
Anonymous said...
So stupid you are.

The US 'makes terrorists'?

Get a grip on reality. You think if Bush/Cheney go away that terrorism will magically stop?

Terrorists were around a long time before B/C, and will be around a long time after.

Root causes? Try militant Islam for starters.

Quote Line-----------

Ian C. said...

For the person who wrote the following:

Quote Line------------------
Anonymous said...
The biggest thing encouraging terrorism is people like you, who give them hope that our will to fight is being sapped.

You suggest that the US are being dicks. We're not the ones targeting civilians. We're not the ones who started this. By suggesting that we're the reason they hate us, you are defacto siding with them by buying into their justifications and propaganda.

Quote Line--------------------

Looks like we need to straight out something.

The definition of Terrorism is: People who resolve in violence in order to have their voice heard, right?

According to that definition: Osama Bin Laden is a Terrorist.

However, (I believe) Bush’s definition of Terrorism is: People who oppose the U.S., disregard the reason or methods.

Right now, the real Terrorist Osama, who were a Long term family friend and heavy business partner with the Bush family and had received various forms of military aids in last century, attacked U.S. and caused many suffering to U.S. people.

But, Bush’s administration office decided also head for “Possible” terrorists, such as Iraq.

From what I’ve seen in CNN so far, all I see is people (disregard of sides) got killed in Iraq.

Why are the military fighting in Iraq? Aren’t they going after Bin Ladin? Plus, now that U.S. has captured Sadam Husan, whom the U.S. supported to raise to power in the last century, and found out there’s NO MASS DESTRUCTION WEAPONS IN IRAQ, why are the U.S. Military still fighting in Iraq? What’s up with the stuff that INNOCENT CIVILIANS got EXECUTED by UNITED SOILDARS???

Now, surely you can’t blame people in Iraq for fighting back, can you? Just imagine if some maniac come over to your house, kill your families with excuses such as “it’s for the goods of the greater population/ I’m doing what’s God’s will” …etc. How are you going to react?

Saying it’s Bull Shit is a start, then maybe try to fight off the intruder even with your life, won’t you?

It’s nature for people try to survive and fight off intruders, especially when the intruders are unreasonable with excuses that justifies with their MASSACRE.

Not all Americans are arrogant, but, is it that HARD for the arrogant ones to try to walk in other people’s shoes for just once!?

Look at yourselves, 50 years ago, you treated Communist as your greatest enemy, now, they’ve become one of your best friend simply because their market allows you to earn BIG MONEY.

And U.S.’s dear friend, China was, and still is supporting North Korea. How’s that for a twisted plot?

In politic, there’s no Black and White… heck, there’s even no Grey… All there is… is profit, profit, and more profit.

Ian C.

ThaiTai said...

To understand where Bush is coming from, look into the history books to see what his grandfather and great-grandfather did. Prescott Bush, Dubbya's grandfather, was a director of Union Banking Corporation, a major financer of Hitler and the Nazi war machine. Working with father-in-law George Herbert Walker and E. Roland "Bunny" Harriman, they set up a bank and a shipping company to supply funding and arms to the Nazis. The UBC was siezed by the US on Oct 20, 1942. Too late. By then the Nazis were in power.

Others, like the Dulles brothers, one of whom later led the CIA, worked with these men to support the Nazis. Anyone who would like to read more should buy the book "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" published in 1992 by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. It was reprinted in 2004 by

Do you honestly think the Dubbya has not been influenced by his forebears. When people compare him to the Nazis, they may not be aware of how close to the truth they really are. Look at everything he has done so far. He is re-creating a Nazi state, make no mistake about that. Only this time, it won't be the Jews going into the concentration camps. It could be YOU!

Anonymous said...

Impeach them now. All they do is ruin our reputation around the world.

The situation in Iraq is not going to get better any time soon and it's not our responsibility to police the world.

I've never hated a President before until now. I absolutely hate Bush. He's put us in major debt, destroyed our reputation, and killed thousands of American Soldiers, and he has no respect for the U.S. Constitution.

Please America. Vote Democrat and get the republicans OUT of office.

Anonymous said...

What complete nonsense. It's the complete opposite -- Bush is the first President to not be a pussy about terrorism. Being a dick is the only way to deal with terrorists, not being a dickless Democrat/liberal.

Anonymous said...

Neil Young just had a very Bush-bashing CD out. And one of the songs was "Let's Impeach the President". When he was asked how bad he wanted to impeach Bush, he said NOT AT ALL. He said the problem with impeaching him, is you get him replaced, and then the GOP gets to go to the next election with their heads high. No, he said, I want them having to face an election with W as President.

Betty said...

I like it Wiscoman, bring up some great points!

Anonymous said...

I love when liberals bring up Michael Moore - it just nullifies their arguments and makes them look like gullible children. And as long as we're referring each other to movies, please watch Fahrenhype 9/11 to see how easily Michael Moore twisted the facts to convince you sheep how angry you truly are at George Bush. If you get your facts from Moore and recommend others to watch his movies for unbiased truth, you're just too deluded to enter into this argument.

And did you really just compare a video game to the United States' foreign policy?

I'll apologize on behalf of our Customs workers for treating you rudely, but please understand that there are people out there that hijack planes and fly them into buildings. And if they tend to look more closely at people of Middle-Eastern origin it is just because in our experience (and Israel's, and the UK's, and Spain's, and Indonesia's, and India's, etc.) the people that desire to blow up planes, marketplaces, tourist spots, and trains are all young Islamic males. Yes, yes, we know - profiling is bad and you'll sic the ACLU on us, but when there's a pattern that's this clear-cut, we would be negligent to ignore it. Especially when lives are at stake.

On to militant Islam. After 9/11 happened, if we stood back and went about our business, do you really think the terrorism would have stopped? You defend terrorism by saying that it's simply a response to our actions. But there were countless acts of terrorism before we invaded Iraq. Let me name a few: the bombing of the USS Cole, bombing of embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the 1993 WTC bombing, and the Khobar Towers bombing. Yes, I know I'm missing quite a few more. The response was either to lob a couple of cruise missiles into a terrorist training camp or to not do anything. And tell me, if you're a terrorist group and you bomb a building and don't receive any resistance, what will deter you from doing it again? Especially if your religion tells you that if you kill non-Muslims you'll go to heaven and receive 72 virgins. Compare that to all other religions which preach that the path to heaven/salvation/enlightenment is through doing good deeds.

And if you think that religion plays no part in their hatred for us, why do all the names of their groups contain the words "martyrs", "holy", "islam", "Allah", and "jihad"? Furthermore, when they behead people, they consistently cry out "God is great!". We are "infidels" to them that stand in the way of their world domination. (Please note that as inflammatory and outrageous that last statement sounds, that is how Islamic theology is preached. It is a far more intolerant religion than you and I would like to believe. I won't provide links that will be construed as biased, so please do your own research on this topic.) Hell, they even fight amongst themselves over religion, Sunni vs. Shiite anybody?

By the way, the Crusades ended in the 13th century. Do you honestly think we're being attacked for actions that were taken (and stopped!) over 700 years ago?

And to the person who called George Bush a Nazi because his grandfather did business with them - you might as well call all Germans Nazis since their grandfathers either were Nazis or lived alongside them without intervening. And while you're at it, find all the descendants of slave-owners and accuse them of being slave-owners since they are present-day embodiments of their grandfathers. Oh, and by the way, look up "Godwin's Law". Don't worry, you're far from the first sheep to overuse that term.

Phwew. I'm sorry, I've run out of gas pointing out how ridiculous and flawed the various generic liberal arguments are. Let me give you time to respond, and I'll post again later.


Anonymous said...
look to the cause, not the root; one puppet is as good as another.. Lieberman as pres alarms me FAR more

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be our responsibility to police the world. We should leave IRAQ now and let the Muslims kill each other.

Anonymous said...

I urge you and your readers to take a few minutes to look at:

It's a list of the 25 most recent comments made by real Americans participating in an online poll/letter-writing campaign concerning the impeachment charges recently filed against Vice President Cheney, which are now being evaluated by the House Judiciary Committee. Comments can be sent to elected representatives and local newspapers at your option. The participation page is at:

Since this campaign began, three members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors, in part due to hearing from their constituents. Make your voice heard, and let others know!