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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ann Coulter Gets All Whiny

I'm always a little lost on why anyone takes Ann Coulter seriously. Coulter's only purpose seems to be to say stupid and offensive things. It seems to be good paying work, but it's not really all that insightful. Remember Morton Downey, Jr.? Yeah, neither does anyone else. If picking fights for the sake of picking fights isn't extremely admirable, it's even less memorable. An intellectual flyweight who mistakes being belligerent for being clever, Ann pushed the envelope far into self-parody territory a long time ago.

Which is why it was so much fun seeing her take up the banner of Scooter Libby. Check out this piece complaining that no one's defending Libby in the media.

CONSERVATIVES often ask why so many Republicans go native when they get to Washington, D.C. The answer is: Because you don't defend them when they come under relentless attacks from liberal hatchet men.

Lewis Libby did what you wanted. He didn't place secret phone calls to reporters revealing classified intelligence programs. He supported the war on Islamic fascists. He didn't try to raise your taxes like James Baker III. And he has loyally served Dick Cheney, the man conservatives secretly wish were president.

And now he's on trial for - at worst - misremembering who first told him that future reality show contestant Joseph Wilson was sent on a boondoggle to Niger by his wife, Valerie Plame.

Not so much true, but there ya go -- you pretty much expect a Coulter column to get right to the lying. Last I checked, misremembering something isn't a crime that anyone could be charged with. Libby's charged with false statement, i.e., lying to federal investigators. It's basically the same crime that Martha Stewart was sent up for.

But the real fun here is that Coulter's complaining that conservatives aren't fighting this poor little Scooter's lynching by a liberal media and a federal prosecutor run amuck. Libby's trial began Jan. 16. On Jan. 17, Coulter's column was The Stripper Has No Clothes, about the Duke rape case -- a tabloid crime story of such earth-shattering importance that Scooter had to wait. Then, on Jan. 24, it was I Am Woman, Hear Me Bore, about how unsurprised she was to learn that Hillary Clinton was running for president. Another issue so pressing that poor Scooter just had to bide.

In fact, the last time Ann Coulter wrote about I. Lewis Libby was Sep. 6, 2006, as far as I can tell. Guess she's had other things to do. Like writing three columns in a row about the Duke rape case.

She closes her column with, "If you won't defend your own champions, conservatives, then don't sit back and wonder why so few people want to be your champions." It's typical of Coulter -- hypocritical and lazy. If Scooter needs defending, then why did she jack around with the trivial Duke thing? She's complaining that no one's out there doing her legwork for her.


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Anonymous said...

One of the things I love about blogs as opposed to newspapers is that they can be much more conversational, in the sense that they can be casual and even obvious, in a matter-of-fact way, because, hey -- we're just talkin' here. Not that this subject is inaccurate, stupid, or irrelevant; it's just that, exactly as you say, nobody DOES take Ann Coulter seriously anymore. If you're familiar with Ann Coulter, you know she's basically some kind of weird full-of-crap marketing creation, or else you've fallen for the marketing. So, this is pretty much just preaching to the choir, but hey: we're just talkin' here.

Wisco said...

Yeah, I like that too. The two-way nature of blogs and message boards is a really good way to get news, I think, because anyone can come by and set the record straight if the story's incorrect or incomplete. I don't have much use for blogs that don't allow comments.

And, yeah, Coulter's pretty much just a pundit-in-a-box. A PR tool without any real convictions, just a price tag.