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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bush to America: "Screw off"

By now, you know that Bush vetoed the war funding bill. Not a huge surprise, really. This is a man who can be relied on to always do exactly the wrong thing. I checked the White House RSS feed to see if they had his comments. They didn't. No big deal, I can sum it up for you:

"Hey America, blow me!"

That was pretty much the message. A Gallup poll out today shows that 57% of americans support a timetable for withdrawal, while only 39% support Bush's position of staying in Iraq until the sun burns out. I had no idea that 39% of americans were insane. I'd have guessed something like 20.

What Bush is so busy doing lately is pretending that Congress doesn't have him over a barrel. And it's pretty much his own damned fault. If he'd included war funding in the budget, he wouldn't be in this fight now. But he kept Iraq out of the budget so he could fudge the numbers and claim he's cutting the deficit. Once again, Bush's dishonesty has gotten him into more trouble than that dishonesty was engineered to avoid.

So why is Bush over a barrel? If he keeps rejecting funding with restrictions, he'll defund the war himself. He's got the bully pulpit, but that only works if people are listening. And they're not. We, as americans, are so damned tired of George W. Bush. This has probably been the most unpleasant six years of my life. It's like waking up every morning and finding that you've got spiders for breakfast. It's like a prolonged experiment to see how long the american people will tolerate an idiot -- and it's a depressingly long time.

Bush has vetoed only two bills in his presidential career and both vetos have been a big 'screw off' to the american people. Both vetos have been in support of death and misery. And both vetos have been against eventuality. It's like he thinks he can stop reality. Stem cell research will go forward and the Iraq war will end. There's no way he can keep either from happening -- and there's no reason to believe he should.

It's fitting that Bush vetoed this bill on the fourth anniversary of his 'Mission Accomplished' speech. He's as wrong now as he was then. Why isn't four years of a pointless, stupid bloodbath enough? How long is the required time period for this ongoing mass human sacrifice? When will the Gods of the War on Terror be appeased?

Apparently, never. The only reason we're still fighting is so we can prove that Bush's cult of visionary neocons couldn't possibly be wrong. And, since that argument is logically flawed and we can never prove it, we'll never stop fighting.

The Democrats can't back down on this. Bush will accept their terms or he'll veto the war out of existence. Unless they balk, the war is over -- one way or another. There is no downside.

At this point, it's pretty obvious that George W. Bush isn't just incompetent, stupid, and stubborn as an ass -- it's time to admit the obvious. George W. Bush is crazier than a sack of cats. He's squirrellier than an oak tree, a brick short of a load, crazier than a cork anchor, more of a Nixon than freakin' Nixon.

We can take this war away from him or we can be the generation that tolerated the american Caligula. Those are our choices, Democrats -- don't disappoint us.


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Mike said...

Dude... you are retarded, right?

Or do you just not have a clue?

Either way, you screw your own argument over:

"Why isn't four years of a pointless, stupid bloodbath enough? How long is the required time period for this ongoing mass human sacrifice? When will the Gods of the War on Terror be appeased?"

Try this on for size... you were perfectly happy with ***TEN*** years of pointless death throughout the 1990's.

That is right.... you were fully satisfied with it... nundreds of thousands of Iraqi children losing their lives... month after month, year after year.

Wiki "Iraq Sanctions" if you ever want to become educated about death in Iraq. Now ask yourself... what were you doing about it back then?

Deaths have been REDUCED in Iraq... by the ending of sanctions. But you didn't know that... did you. Because you don't actually pay attention... do you?

Wisco said...

Here's a fun idea -- why don't you get your fucking facts straight before you leave an insulting and abusive comment on someone's blog, asshole?

If you'd take the time to pull your head out of Rush Limbaugh's fat ass, you'd find out that UNICEF estimated about 350,000 deaths from sanctions -- not good and, despite your idiotic fucking assumptions, not something I was for either.

The Iraq war is responsible for over a million deaths. See, this is what ya call yer math. 1,000,000 is greater than 350,000.

Next time, take the fucking time to make sure you're not making a complete ass of yourself before you spew right wing vomit all over someone's blog, OK?

Thanks, Chucklenuts, that'd be great...