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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dems' Cave In to Bush Backfires

Presidential longshot Joe Biden on dems caving in to Bush on Iraq War funding:

PBS NewsHour:

We have 50 votes in the United States Senate. We have less of a majority in the House than at any time other than the last eight years.

Ladies and gentlemen, you're going to end this war when you elect a Democratic president. You need 67 votes to end this war. I love these guys who tell you they're going to stop the war.

Let me tell you straight up the truth: The truth of the matter is, the only one that's emboldened the enemy has been George Bush by his policies, not us funding the war. We're funding the safety of those troops there until we can get 67 votes.

This, of course, is not the truth. It's BS. Had Congress continued to send the President bills with timelines and restrictions, one of two things would've happened -- Bush would've signed one and accepted restrictions or Bush would veto them all and defund the war. There were no other possibilities. And 'funding the safety of those troops?' More BS. Not only was the supplimental paying for operations -- not paychecks, meals, and bullets -- but the vast majority of the funding doesn't go to the military at all. It goes to corporations and contractors.

Not surprisingly, the Democratic strategy of not doing what the hell they said they were going to do isn't working out so well. Dems take a real dip in the polls.

Thompson Financial:

Americans are increasingly disappointed with the general direction of US government policy, the war in Iraq and Congress' new Democratic majority, according to a survey out today.

Just 39 pct of those surveyed in the Washington Post-ABC News poll said they approved of Congress' work, down five points from April when the new Democratic majority had been in place for 100 days.

Support for the Congressional Democrats elected in November slid 10 points during the same period, the survey said, to 44 pct now.

The Democrats were so terrified of being labelled 'anti-troops' that they didn't even remember the public was on their side. By trying to avoid a PR disaster, they've created a PR disaster. Good work, guys. Now you have a smoking hole in both shoes.

And how's the big surge idea going? About as well as you'd expect.

ABC News, The Blotter:

Members of anti-American insurgent groups have infiltrated the ranks of Iraqi police. But even when American soldiers have reason to believe an Iraqi policeman secretly belongs to one of these groups, which drive the rising violence in Iraq, they cannot get him kicked off the force, a former U.S. military trainer told members of Congress last week.

What can you build when there's nothing to build on? Not much. What we wind up doing is training iraqis to be really good at fighting us. Brilliant.

There's no saving this at this point. The ship isn't sinking anymore, it's laying at the bottom -- gone. And pretending that Bush is going to come to his senses sometime in our lifetime isn't helpful -- the man's completely insane. But that's exactly what dems are doing.

They could've stopped this -- veto or no veto. There's no way that the war continues without them. They've signed on to this war now. It's as much theirs as it is George W. Bush's. Joe Biden can spin BS all day long, but the fact is that his vote, like too many Democrats', was a cowardly sellout. And it's working out as well as you'd expect. The war goes on, George W. Bush -- AKA President Runaway Train -- has absolutely no brakes, and dems like Biden feed us crap.

Polls show people aren't buying it. This effed up bloodbath will go fullspeed ahead until September and, if Democrats haven't grown a freakin' spine by then, straight on over the cliff with everyone on board.

If the past is any indication, hold on tight. We're going over the cliff.


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