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Monday, May 12, 2008

Griper Blade: McCain Headed Toward a 'Repudiation'

Let's jump right in with a quote from W. Virginia.

USA Today:

Though Obama is ahead nationally in delegates and the popular vote, Clinton has a huge lead in statewide polls [in W. Virginia]. Local politicians say it will take more than a well-decorated storefront for Obama, the Illinois senator, to make headway. "He's going to have to visit," says Bob Pasley, who adds that Obama should come prepared to answer "tough questions," including some about his religion.

"Is he Islamic or is he not?" Pasley says of Obama, who is Christian. "I know he's tried to talk about it but he hasn't looked anybody in Wayne in the eye and told them."

Of course, Bob Pasley -- whoever the hell he is -- is a freakin' moron. One; he's ignorant as all hell -- Obama's not a Muslim and everyone without a untreated head wound knows that post-Wright. Two; the fact that he'd vote against someone just because they're a Muslim makes him a bigoted ass...