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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's Gonna Take Your Guns!

Pistol with Jesus painted on the handleIf you go to Wisconsin Cartridge Corporation's website, there's a link on the front page titled "NOTICE REGARDING PRODUCT AVAILABILITY" [PDF]. The message of the document is pretty clear -- if you can't afford ammo anymore, you only have right wing paranoiacs to blame.

"Due to the increased demand for ammunition and components, we are currently behind on all handgun ammunition," writes President Scott Young. "You are welcome to place an order for as many rounds as you like, but orders of over 250 rounds or less get filled first. All orders over 250 rounds will be shipped when we get caught up. 233 ammunition is only a couple weeks backordered. 308 ammunition is likely 6-12 months. Any order over 100 rounds for 308 ammunition will likely never be filled. The same goes for 22-250 Rem."

What's the problem? Is there a shortage? Has Obama finally shut down the gun industry? No. The problem is panic-buying by gullible morons.

Due to hoarding of ammunition, you consumers have managed to raise the prices of ammunition and components 50 to 500 percent. You didn't even need the Government to impose taxes or bans. You did it all yourself.

"Please do not believe the rumors about bans or increased taxes on ammunition and firearms," reads the undated statement. "President elect Obama has enough on his plate dealing with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the world economy, he doesn't have time to think about bans or taxes on ammunition and firearms." Clearly, Scott Young's making some decent coin here. But this is a small business outside the town of Friendship, Wisconsin, and they just don't have the capacity to keep up with the right wing rumor mill's craziness. An earlier statement referred to "people trying to buy ammunition by the pallet loads, believing the world is going to end in just a matter of days." Stupid right wing asses are great for the ammo business. You don't have to be a marketing genius to know that the recent Department of Homeland Security report on right wing extremism isn't bad for business either.

You've got to wonder about all the conservative bloggers, talk show hosts, and pundits who read about the dangers posed by white supremacists, abortion clinic bombers, and Timothy McVeigh-style survivalist gun freaks and think, "Holy crap! They're talking about me!" In trying to grab the mantle of victimhood, they decide it'd be a really great idea to identify themselves with like groups the Klan. And the result is clear, between freaking out about how Obama's going to come take their guns away and the DHS report targeting "Republicans," they've managed to screw the very people they're claiming to defend. Want a whole buttload of ammo to be ready for the big whatever-the-hell you think is coming? Too bad, you can't get it because rest of the wet-your-pants crowd got to it first. You snooze, you lose -- the big race war or fascist takeover or whatever it is you think is coming is just going to have to go on without you.

In the end, it's the right's own fears that screw the right winger. Practically addicted to fear, they're lost without something to panic over. After the Berlin Wall fell and death from above was no longer a realistic fear, they switched gears and decided to fear their own government. Bill Clinton and all Democrats were the new commies -- a "New World Order" would come to take your guns and your vote and pee on your flag and take a dump on your family Bible. Or something like that anyway -- I've got to admit, I never paid much attention to the ravings at the time.

Then Bush won, 9/11 happened, and the right freaked out about terrorism. Al Qaeda -- a bunch of religious nuts hiding out in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- became the new commies. They were an "existential threat" to the US, meaning we were really supposed to believe that they were as capable of wiping the United States off the map as the old Soviet Union. Of course, this was insane -- there are people in Afghanistan who literally have no idea what electricity is. But the right needs to be afraid, so they became Blofeld to our James Bond.

Now the new commie is Barack Obama -- back to the president and the Democrats again -- terrorists are largely forgotten. They were always a stopgap anyway. Barack Obama's liberal hordes are coming to take your guns away, outlaw Christianity, and brainwash our children into becoming little Communists.

I've always felt the "we need guns to protect ourselves from the government" argument to be a little stupid. I don't care how much ammo you've got or what kind of rifles, when those Blackhawk helicopters come in over the horizon, the truth is that you might as well be unarmed. You're not going to shoot down gunships with your deer rifle. And, for the most part, these people addicted to fear are cowards. Faced with an actual revolution, 99.9% would be cheerleaders, not fighters. After all, how many of those cheerleaders for the Iraq war were young enough to sign up? And how many actually did? As Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh were to Vietnam, so people like Michelle Malkin or Jonah Goldberg were to Iraq. When the chips are down, you'll find your average wingnut hiding under the bed.

Still, scared people with way too much ammo is a disturbing development. I guess the best thing we can do is hope they realize they can't afford to fire a bullet, because their panic-buying has driven the prices up so high.


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Ilya said...

This is the one thing that upset me about the election of Obama, the right wing gun nuts making it nearly impossible for us normal gun lovers to be able to get ammo to go out to the shooting range and have some fun. I don't fear a gun ban, but I am greatly frustrated by the lack of ammunition. As much as I'd like the suppliers to expand and increase supply in order to keep up with demand, realistically that would be a horrible business decision because the nuts will (hopefully) realize before too long that there is no threat and the demand will drop back to normal levels.

I would just like to remind any right wingers reading this that while the dems have made plenty of attempts to pass idiotic gun control legislation, The only time the government has actually gone in and taken private citizens weapons was the Bush administration after Katrina.

As far as not being able to use the typical rifle to fight against the government in the unlikely event that such a thing becomes neccicary, while yes, it won't be very useful against helicopters or tanks, as insurgent forces all over the world have demonstrated time and time again from the Ghetto Uprising in Poland in WWII to the our experience in Vietnam, and Iraq, and the Soviets experience in Afghanastan under equipped forces with little training but a great deal of dedication can inflict significant damage on powerful well organized militaries. That is afterall the entire principle begind asymetrical warfare.

Anonymous said...

did they not propose a new gun ban?

im not disagreeing that there are alot of paranoid doomer folks buying it all up, but there was a gun ban proposed the other month, which they reversed on for the time being....

Ilya said...

There was some talk about renewing the assault weapons ban, but many dems realize that the assault weapon ban was a significant contributing factor to the republican takeover of congress in the 90's and are not willing to risk having it happen again when there are so many more important things on the agenda.

Wisco said...

did they not propose a new gun ban?No, they proposed renewing the assault rifle ban. That's not a "gun ban," which would -- by definition -- be a blanket ban on all guns.

Besides, we're talking about handgun ammo here. And assault rifles use conventional ammo. You wouldn't have any problem there either.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let us all trust Dear Leader, the Munificent, who would never attempt to confiscate our firearms. No attention to this matter is needed for Teh One has spoken, just as he hath spoken on the requirement for all bills to be posted on the internet for five days before receiving the Signing.

Thank you for your reassurances, and reminder that eternal vigilance is not the price of liberty anymore -- just elect Obama and trust in his wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Rep Bobby Rush's Blair Holt Ammendment; heard Feinstein's remarks on California's Pat Morrison show where she said that she is crafting legislation for a permanent assault weapons ban; Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano on NBC's Today show April 14, told Matt Lauer that we could not wait on Congress to pass something so controversial as an assault weapons ban. As Attorney General Eric Holder gets further and further away from his confirmation hearings his tone has changed to now openly state that the administration is going to work on a new assault weapons ban. But do not listen to Pelosi talk about compromise on Olbermann's Countdown, because in the following breath she refers to the 2nd amendment rider attached to the DC voting rights bill as draconian. Draconian means unusually harsh or cruel.

Ignorance is not a defense from the law or reality. Just because you don't think something is occurring does not mean that it is not happening.

The DoD just got an earful from both Houses of Reps about changing military stipulations regarding the resale of military brass also known as bullet casings. The cost and time required to manufacture shells is a great strain on the market.

Wisco is talking out of his hat. Feinstein statement on Pat morrison's radio show clearly mentioned that she is waiting for the perfect time and place to bring out the new legislation and she stated publicly that she wants it permanent.
"Gun ban" means blanket gun ban; don't get bogged down in semantics. And the assault weapons ban depending upon how the author refers to magazine capacity and ammunition could apply to semi-auto handguns.

Unjust governments must maintain a monopoly of force with their military and their paramilitary police. Constitutional republics have a monopoly of force because the citizenry's collective will supports the government and their arms protect it.

"Conventional ammo" in assault rifles, it is rifle ammo. Hand gun ammunition is manufactured on a larger scale and is normally cheaper. Box of 50 40 caliber ammo = $15 as compared to .223 where a box of 20 = $14.

Unfortunately Ilya is correct. GWB did steel law abiding citizens guns and he was a traitor. he betrayed the US Constitution, which he took an oath to protect uphold and defend. I hope that he is tried one day by a jury of American citizens.

But you should expect worse from the crooks that just took office. You think the American public is going to stand by and be sold into debt peonage just to service the interest on the debt. There is a reason why the administration is talking about gun bans. Soon even Dems will not be able to ignore the tyranny that is enveloping the US. Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama all work for the same central bankers that created the economic problems and are now posing as our saviors. If we do not wake up and tell everyone we know, the America we thought we knew will only be in the history books. To understand what is coming upon us all listen to Aldous Huxley's 1962 Berkley language center speech; read Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope; read Anthony Sutton's series Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. Read the Federalist papers read the anti-federalist papers. Find out why the bill of rights was included.

Get educated get involved.

Anonymous said...



Google Endgame: the Blue print for global enslavement

Google: The Obama Deception

M said...

"Have you seen Rep Bobby Rush's Blair Holt Ammendment"

That thing's not going anywhere nationally. Guns and punks that abuse them are a big problem in Chicago because guns and gangs and drugs cause problems. Go figure.

But you're fear mongering and clinging too tighty-whitey to weaponry.

Right wingers are making the rest of the non-paranoid schizophrenics in the country uncomfortable with all the misplaced hysteria.

Nobody's coming for your guns.

Alex Jones and prison planet....too funny.

The Freemasons, Burgerbuilders, alien anal probes, chem trails, black choppers!!! It's all a conspiracy, Man!!!

We're all slaves...with our national parks, open roads, social safety nets, farms, miniature golf courses, shooting ranges, delicious steaks, not too mention comedic timing, jazz and blues!!!

Fight the sin tax and Free Terry Nichols!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wisco, I love your blog and have commented here a few times, but you're slightly wrong. All of the calibers listed in WCC's notice are rifle rounds, not handgun. That said, this particular run seems to be on all ammo. Rifle, shotgun, handgun, every place I checked is back ordered. The only stuff in stock is oddball, like a .454 Casull. For a handgun round, it could probably bring down a black helicopter with a clean shot!

What is disturbing to me are two things. First, that so many people are losing their minds over Obama and hoarding ammo. Second, that this blogpost is the first time I've really heard of this happening, even after the incident in Pittsburgh. I need to get out more.

I'm a liberal Dem who happens to own a .40 S&W semi-auto pistol, and a 12-gauge tactical shotgun. Anyone know where I need to go to turn those in? I'm guessing I'll have to do that before I go to the re-education camp. I really should have taken Michelle Bachmann seriously...I thought she was just a nutter. What about my Swiss Army Knife? Does Obama want that too?
What about my Easton baseball bats? Where is The Messiah going to stop? ;-))))

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