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Friday, July 03, 2009

Obama's Like Hitler - Except the Nazis Hate Him

John McCain perfected it in the 2008 campaign. You throw together a completely outrageous ad, run it in one market one time -- or post it on the web and never broadcast it -- and watch the media run with it. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did the same in '06 against John Kerry, but not to the extent that McCain did. The idea is that you create a "controversial" ad, then the media covers the controversy. Along the way, they play the ad again and again and again -- nationwide and for free. Eventually, the media finally wised up and stopped covering this controversy porn, but that hasn't stopped people from trying the tactic.

Specifically, an ad from the right wing group Our Country Deserves Better PAC, which is the creation of the PR firm Russo Marsh & Rogers, to air someplace on July 7 -- or so they say. In this new ad, we're informed that Barack Obama is exactly like Hitler.


Obama campaign logo converted to swastikaThe anti-Obama group, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, has announced that it will launch an advertising campaign featuring a video claiming that Obama is using tactics common to Hitler’s Germany. An audio teaser video... has been released as a fundraising tool to buy time to air the ad.

The ad lists a series of actions including the report ordered by the Bush administration on right wing extremists released by the Department of Homeland Security after Bush left office. They quote an unnamed Congressman saying, "They proposed a civilian security force and an American congressman warned it was exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany."

An unnamed "American congressman" -- always a credible source of historical analysis. By the way, there is no "civilian security force," that's a popular wingnut lie. Our "American congressman" is probably Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, who -- unfortunately for OCDB PAC -- later recanted.

But the important thing is to remember that Barack Obama is just like Hitler. Which makes this report, from the Anti-Defamation League, a little hard to square:

The Tea Party phenomenon, which began with anti-tax rallies staged across the country on April 15, 2009, will continue as activists in almost every state are planning similar events on July 4. Notably, white supremacists are again planning to participate. As they have done with other political and social issues, for example, promoting the Ron Paul campaign and using the immigration debate, white supremacists and anti-Semites are planning to exploit Tea Parties to disseminate their hateful views and recruit a larger following.

Stormfront, the most popular white supremacist Internet forum, is home to discussion between extremists eager to influence the events. In addition to circulating a list of local organizers and promoting planned rallies, Stormfront members are trying to find ways to involve themselves in the events. In posts to the forum, many voice their intent to attend the Tea parties for the purpose of cultivating an "organized grassroots White mass movement."

"A big crowd of irate White folks protesting the government seems like the perfect time and place for us [White Nationalists] to promote our cause, at least to my way of thinking," says one neo-nazi.

Because Barack Obama is exactly like Hitler. You go ahead and wallow in the irony of that for a minute. "It ought to give conservatives pause when their only usefulness in politics is serving as a recruiting opportunity for white supremacists," writes AMERICAblog's John Aravosis. Yeah, it should, but it won't.

Isn't it odd that you don't get these guys at lefty protests? Especially when you consider that the head of the Democratic Party is Hitler's ideological (if darker-skinned) twin? These guys never showed up at anti-war rallies and tried to get all the peaceniks onboard with this whole "white unity" idea. But, then again, the Iraq war was about killing Arabs for them, so white supremacists were big fans.

But doesn't it say something when the neo-nazis see all their opportunities as coming from the right? Doesn't it say something that white supremacists look at these "tea party protests" and see a sea of angry white people?

I realize that I'm coming close to practicing guilt-by-association here. Tea party wingnuts aren't nazis -- at least, not all of them -- they're just gullible morons who think that deficit spending began the day Obama took office. The point is the argument that Barack Obama is just like Hitler suffers from the fact that nazis hate him as much as the wingnuts do. If you want to determine who is the most Adolf-like out there, you really ought to follow the nazis and see where they go. The fact that they're heading off to their local tea party kind of punches a big hole in that "Obama=Hitler" argument.


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vet said...

"Civilian security force" - isn't that called "the police"?

Or are cops considered a branch of the military now?