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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


It's the big day. Like Superbowl Sunday, only important. This is going to be a short one. I'm still waiting to hear back from Wisconsin Democrats, but I'm afraid I might've signed up too late to get a slot on a phonebank today. He who hesitates is lost, I guess. Luckily, I've still got a blog with some reach, so you people GO VOTE!!

Normally, I plan out my morning post beforehand, but today I'm winging it. All I really want to do is get you out that door and into the polling place. GO VOTE!!

Did I mention yet that you should GO VOTE? I hope so, because you should definitely GO VOTE!!

It's really very simple. And the beauty is that, as ugly as an election campaign can be, the place where the battle is fought is actually very pleasant and nice. Don't forget to thank your poll workers when you go, because they're awesome. In some districts they'll be overwhelmed, in some they'll be (sadly) bored, but in no place will they be unnecessary. They're overlooked and taken for granted and they really shouldn't be. It's an important job and this whole democracy thing wouldn't be possible without them. Let them know you appreciate it when you GO VOTE!!

And this whole democracy thing also isn't possible if you don't GO VOTE!! Just sayin'.

Even when things don't look all that good, I love this day. Some countries use bullets to accomplish what we'll accomplish today. The very fact that you can change leaders without firing a freakin' shot is something you can be so, so proud of. And you can be just as proud of the fact that you can defend those leaders the same way. As brutal and ugly as an election campaign can seem, it could be literally brutal and a lot more ugly. Be proud of this, because this is -- hands down -- the most civil and peaceful way anyone has ever come up with to do this. We don't have blood in the gutters. Take a second to appreciate that when you GO VOTE!!

Did I mention that you should GO VOTE?

I hope so, because you should definitely GO VOTE!!


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