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Friday, May 06, 2011

My New Robot Guest-Blogger

Giant robotI went to one of those fancy, new "rock and roll" shows last night, so no morning post. Instead, a quick station note. You might've noticed a post at Griper News titled "Twitter Headlines." This is a robot post from Diigo. Every link I twitter (and sometimes then some), I also bookmark with Diigo. Anyhoo, Diigo has a robo-post option, so I figured I could do a daily "tab dump" automatically. So that's what that is. I meant for it to post later in the day, but I guess my math was off.

The "Stories to Watch" are still going to be posted every weekday, but we got started on the show earlier than expected so I had to skip it. Didn't want you to think it was being replaced by a robot -- just bad timing. Basically, this is all an attempt to get all things bloggy on both the Tumblr blog and Griper News.

No back to our regularly scheduled surfing.