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Monday, August 06, 2012

In Any Mass Shooting, the 'Real Victims' are Always Conservatives

Gun Show
It wasn't long after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was critically wounded and six people were killed in Tucson that we learned that the real victim of gunman Jared Lee Loughner was Sarah Palin. People were being mean to Sarah, just because she'd run an ad putting Giffords in crosshairs. It was terrible.

Now that a racist nutjob killed six people in a Milwaukee Sikh temple, we're slowly learning the most important aspect of that crime -- that the real victim is Michele Bachmann. Turns out some random people on Twitter thought her bigoted anti-Muslim witchhunt might've had something to do with all this (Sikhs are often confused with Muslims) and that means everyone on the left is after Shelly -- because random people on Twitter speak for every liberal.

And of course, this all traces back to the source of all conservative victimhood: an unreleased Department of Homeland Security report saying that "right wing extremists" posed a greater danger after the economic downturn and the election of America's first black president. Despite the fact that "right wing extremist" means people like racist nuts who might shoot up places of worship, the right took up the mantle of "right wing extremist" -- I guess because playing the victim card is so important that you'd actually identify with neo-Nazis and survivalists to play it.


Now that gun massacres are becoming regularly scheduled media events, complaining about gun proliferation is an attack on conservatives. Such talk is verboten. We have to wait for a decent amount of time to pass, out of respect for the victims. Never mind that, with a massacre a month, there's no opportunity for time to pass. Apparently, there's a waiting period for talking about guns. Irony.

And Wisconsin only missed a previous gun massacre by dumb luck.


A man plotting to murder abortion providers in Madison is stopped by police only after he makes a mistake.

Tonight he's behind bars and the clinic continues to see patients.

When police responded to a report of an accidental shot fired into a room at a Motel 6 on Madison's east side they had no idea they were about to uncover a murder plot.

The would-be killer, Ralph Lang, told police he wanted to "lay out abortionists because they are killing babies." Lang is mentally unbalanced, but was ruled competent to stand trial. I don't want to kick conservative victims while they're down, but killing abortion providers doesn't seem like the act of a leftwing extremist to me. I think we can conclude that -- like so many nuts with guns -- Ralph Lang was a rightwing nut with a gun. But to point that out would be an attack on conservatives and probably the Tea Party.

Because in a crime of mass murder, the real victims are always conservatives.


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