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Friday, April 28, 2006

Correction: Vogeler Running in Green Primary

(Keywords: politics, elections, senate, what a dickhead I can be sometimes )

I reported earlier that Rae Voegler would be running as a write in in the democratic primary. Unfortunately, I read a blog that reported rumor as fact and made the same mistake myself. Then I defended my mistake - I can be such a pigheaded moron sometimes. Rae is running as a green for the green party. What's going on is that Progessive Democrats of Wisconsin may endorse Rae as a write in for the democratic primary. In fact, I think their current endorsement is wishy-washy and typically democratic. Here's their so-called endorsement:

"PDW will endorse alternative progressive and anti-war candidate Rae Vogeler (G) in opposing Sen. Herb Kohl in his 2006 Congressional race until he reverses his support for an illegal and immoral war on Iraq and supports progressive values."

They support Vogeler until Kohl turns around. In their defense, that's never going to happen and they'll wind up supporting Rae until election day. But what's wrong with saying, "Screw Herb"? It's like an abused spouse believing, against all evidence, that the asshole they married is going to change. It's not going to happen.

By giving Vogeler conditional support, they become de facto Kohl supporters - they're saying that Rae's the spare tire on the Kohl campaign. When the tire is dead, the tire is dead and you have to get rid of it.

I advocated writing in Rae for a democrat. As far as I can tell, she's unopposed as a green and will automatically win that primary - no matter what happens there, she'll still face Herb in november. I can't think of a more awesome outcome than having Kohl lose his own party's primary - so I'm writing her in. Mostly so I can choose other democrats in the primary. Remember, you can't split your vote in september. If you vote as a green, you'll be a verifier in most races, not a voter.

I think it's extremely unlikely that she'd refuse the democratic nomination and even if she did, she'd still be the green candidate. We really have nothing to lose here.