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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Snow Job

(Keywords: politics, media, President Bush, people who are aptly named )

It looks like I jumped the gun on my earlier post. Since Scott McClellan has resigned, Media Matters has put up a page dedicated to what a prolific liar Tony Snow is - so go check that out. And showing that Snow is capable of saying seriously crazy shit with a straight face, Think Progress is reporting that Snow is blaming criticism of Donald Rumsfeld for high gas prices - I shit you not:

"You’ve got a guy in Iran saying we’re going to build a nuclear weapon. You’ve got people complaining about Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. There are jitters about the stability of the Middle East. Those subside and a number of people say this, analysts in the industry, the price goes down again..."
So quit griping about Rummy - it's killing us at the pump. Was there ever anyone who'd be a better fit for the administration? I'm cautious about predicting that Snow will be the pick, but I can say I wouldn't be at all surprised.