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Friday, July 14, 2006

Satanists Run Rampant in N. Carolina!

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A call to all concerned Americans, courtesy of The Stanley News & Press (N. Carolina):

Evangelical Pastor Alan DiDio and Encounter Christ Church of Albemarle are planning an offensive against Satanic worship and drug addiction in Stanly County.

The campaign will be launched at 10 a.m. Sunday at the church on Lois Lane, just off U.S.52 and Snuggs Street.

DiDio said he has spoken with some residents who have been involved in such activities in Stanly County and has been told Stanly County is No. 1 in Satan worship spot in North Carolina.

And North Carolina is the headquarters for cult activity for the nation, he said.

Most people react with surprise when he tells them this.

I was surprised too - there's a street named 'Lois Lane'?

Yes, the sparsely populated rural county is the battlefront on the war against the Minions of Satan. It, not urban centers like Los Angeles or New York, is the 'headquarters for cult activity for the nation'. You've got to wonder what the cult headquarters building looks like - do they have a receptionist?

Don't think you can spot a satanist on sight.

“These people are not rebellious teens running around chanting ‘Hail Satan’ and spray painting satanic symbols for all to see. They are community leaders, doctors, lawyers, housewives and possibly even preachers. There are many false and ignorant claims about Satanism. The majority of those who call themselves Satanists are law abiding and moral citizens. They are the average Joe who blends into society.

“But the devil is just as likely to wear a three-piece suit as horns.”

While there are those who kill and have committed horrendous crimes in the name of Satan, he said those are the ones that capture the headlines. He said there are underground groups who do kill, and yes, there is animal sacrifice in some groups. But these groups are few and very secretive. He said he has been told that these cult groups keep the public’s attention focused on sacrifices and lunatics while the top players steadily continue infiltrating churches and community organizations.

How does DiDio know that satanism is rampant in his little corner of the world?

DiDio cites as evidence of “satanic, pagan and occultic activity” the fact that there are “churches on every corner. This is representative of the demonically inspired division in the Body of Christ in this community,” he said. “Churches spawned by greed, lust and offense are never birthed nor blessed by God but inspired by demonic activity.”

Yup. Too many churches is a sure sign of satanism. That's because there's only one true church - Encounter Christ Church of Albemarle. All other churches are false, I guess.

A more suspicious writer would say that Didio's just another Pat Robertson wannabe who's pulled a 'crisis' out of his ass to fill seats in his church - so would a less suspicious writer or anyone with a critical bone in their body.

Being a religious con artist is a lucrative business these days.



Buddhamonkeydevil said...

"The majority of those who call themselves Satanists are law abiding and moral citizens. They are the average Joe who blends into society."

Yeah, lets get these "law abiding, moral" citizens off the streets, they are indeed a threat to any fascist state...

Baph the Goat said...

"The fact is that far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people do not like that statement, but few can argue it."
-- Kenneth V. Lanning, FBI Report on Occult Crime, Oct. 1989

Jake said...

uh yeah, this ass is just a con. I've met this prick and he doesn't do anything but lead a bunch of retarded automatons around by the hand. It is honestly scary. His church worships the ground he walks on. So sad and so full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Church leaders are usually occult members.

gore said...

Such a common and idiotic claim, Baph. You blame Christianity for those who use it as a weapon disobeying it's teaching? True satanism (luciferianism) does indeed involve sacrifice. While people may have used Christianity as a weapon disregarding it's teachings of peace,.... sacrifice, murder, molestation, and defilement are actual cornerstones of luciferianism. Matter of fact, the sex scandals of the catholic church can be traced to satanic inflitration. Google satanic enthronement of the catholic church.

Anonymous said...

He sounds more like a cult leader saying that all other churches than his own are false. Wake up people, what is his faith exactly?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This guy sounds like the devil himself!!!!! Only worship him!!!! What is his religion exactly??

Anonymous said...

This preacher is a goof ball. However, he is close to a couple truths. I will remain anonymous, because I've tried very hard, to leave my past FAR BEHIND me. North Carolina does have a large role in the nation's secret world of the occult! In fact, Stanly County is the home of the largest coven, on the east coast. It has only been so, somewhere between 15 and 20 years...before that, it was based out of Lincolnton, or Lincoln county rather. In September of 1989, Hurricane Hugo "unearthed" human remains, and "artifacts of the occult" in a prominent neighborhood in the Lake Norman area. Suddenly, rumors didn't seem so far fetched! This prompted plans for the move. State authorities were investigating a list of names, which did include politicians, a couple doctors, an attorney, as well as a number of "average Joe" citizens. No formal charges were ever made. I personally have intimate knowledge of these events, as well as the events that lead to the investigation. Anyway, DiDio is in FACT a douche bag, and any actions that he partakes in, will most certainly be self serving...and no matter what you choose to believe, that is one fact you can count on!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this guy doesn't call his church, the church of Didio!!!!!! He's still in Stanly County in a much smaller town than he was. I guess if you don't fall for his bullshit, you're a Satanist!!!