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Friday, April 07, 2006

Despite the Evidence, Herb's Still Alive

My hunt for the newly missing Senator Herb Kohl goes on. Others seem to have joined in as well. From the Sound Off feature (sadly, not available online) of The Capital Times, a call-in editorial service:

"It's nice to see Sen. Herb Kohl doing his re-election ads on TV. I didn't know he was still alive. It would've been nicer yet to hear him address the war in Iraq and illegal immigration."
The ads are typical buzzword ads, you've seen them a million times - "Education... families... good jobs... your schools... your neighborhood... etc." You know, a long list of stuff no one in the world opposes. When it comes to issues of consequence, he's pretty hard to find.

C'mon, Herb. Wisconsin needs two Senators.

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NewsBlog 5000 said...

It disappoints me to hear that you are against education, families, good jobs and schools. Next you will tell us that Congress is not allowed to appreciate warm summer days and baby puppies.

Joshua said...

Sorry about that dead link. I'm a newbie and my blogging powers are under construction. Here's the real thing:

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