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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Wrong Turn on the Parade Route

I know it seems like I have it in for Herb Kohl - I don't. For one, I've never met him. For another, Wisconsin would have a hard time finding a better philanthropist. Go see the Badgers play at the Kohl Center in Madison and you'll see what I mean.

But WBAY, a Green Bay area television station has a blurb on it's site regarding the anti-war landslide in Wisconsin last week. In case you missed my earlier post about it, 31 cheesehead communities voted on nonbinding referenda to pull out of Iraq. The total vote for withdrawal was 61%. Like I say, a landslide.

Inside the story are these two paragraphs, "Meanwhile, two congresswomen from the state, Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore, have co-sponsored a resolution that could lead to impeachment proceedings against President Bush over the war.

"And Senator Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, was the first senator to call for a timetable to bring the troops home from Iraq."

Two democratic reps and a senator - let me repeat that, Two democratic reps and a senator. No Herb.

Herb's a multi-millionaire, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and he retains a share of a chain of groceries called, not surprisingly, Kohl's. He doesn't need to take special interest money and, to his enduring credit, he doesn't.

But the tagline for the ads he's running for '06 is the same one it's been for his entire senate career - Nobody's Senator but Yours.

Right now, a lot of people are scratching their heads and asking, "Mine? Then where the hell are you on my issues, Herb?"

Watching a parade go by isn't the same thing as leading it. As Wisconsin's senior senator, Herb Kohl - our senator - should be leading it.

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